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For any questions or to report repairs please contact management at RaposoHomes@gmail.com

Raposo Homes

    Why Choose Us

  • At Raposo Homes our current tenants have priority to move into any of our available apartments over any new applicant.
  • Our one page monthly rental agreement allows our tenants to move out at anytime provided 2 months notice and access to show your apartment to new applicants. As soon as we find a qualified tenant for your apartment, you can leave prior to your 2 months notice with a full return on your security deposit.
  • There are no broker fee's when renting with us, however we do require a 2 month security deposit in order to ensure a higher financial standard of living between you and your neighbors.

Report all repairs, questions or complaints to management

Greg Raposo
Cell: (516) 315-5328
Email: RaposoHomes@gmail.com
Fax: (718) 457-9834

Office address
102-30 47 Avenue
Corona, NY 11368